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A bold step away from traditional motifs, our cartographic designs represents the good life without limits.

Palm Beach born in 2014, Voyage is a premium collection of original swimsuits and trunks made for the modern jetsetter.
Melding timeless sophistication with the carefree spirit of travel, our brand is evoked by Voyage’s coveted prints of vibrant world maps. Inspired by our collection of passport stamps of the most iconic, glamorous getaways. Our collectors trace the silhouettes from Bar Harbor to St. Barts, We're rooted in the Palm Beach lifestyle filled with sailing, polo, tennis, golf and poolside lounging. Voyage’s high-quality pieces are time-honored wardrobe staples that will always add a splash of class to any globe-trotting suitcase. Whether worn lounging in a luxury resort or soaking up the sun at home, each swimsuit exudes the cornerstones of luxury travel: chic refinement and colorful joie de vivre. Voyage’s signature map prints are designed in-house.


Voyage swimwear is a luxury brand that was born out of a love for travel and adventure. Not surprisingly, as its CEO Brittany Harris spent a few months of her childhood sailing with grandparents aboard their 59ft ketch during their 3-year journey  around the world.  "I remember all these colorful maps everywhere, it was my inspiration for the line." Some years later, after earning a BA in communications and an MBA in International Business, Brittany launched Voyage Swimwear in 2014 and never looked back. Voyage Swimwear is now an essential fashion collection sold in Four Seasons Hotels in Beijing, Shanghai, Macao, St Louis and even Mumbai.

Never letting go of her childhood prep sensibilities, Brittany's creatively fused iconic Palm Beach style hit the racks and made the adventure into Voyage Swimwear.

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Voyage Swimwear offers exclusive wholesale opportunities for resort, hotel, and boutique retailers, and leaves no influencer behind.

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